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Change the way education is being done through a cutting edge adaptive learning technology.

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Our Story


Like every useful creation, a challenging need gave birth to Synkers. Sibylle was a student at Concordia, scrambling to find a tutor to help her prepare for her finals. Audrey was a tutor, who was finding it difficult to find students she could help in the subjects she had mastered. That’s when they decided to team up and create a platform that would revolutionize the private tutoring experience, making it easy, efficient and personalized. A few months later, Audrey and Sibylle teamed up with Zeina and Adam, and “Synkers” became a reality. Since then, Synkers has completed the Speed@BDD acceleration program and participated in “Blackbox”, a selective immersion program in Silicon Valley.

Recently, Synkers was the only Lebanese start-up selected for the international program of Dubai Future Accelerators from a list comprising more than 1,000 applicants. Thought, designed and developed to be part of a broader international trend reshaping the future of education through new technologies, contributing to making it accessible to a wider public, Synkers has produced a marked shift in the learning journey and will be now part of the promising experience to collaborate with Dubai Government.

Our Team

Audrey Nakad


Audrey, a Finance graduate from Concordia University, used to tutor different subjects like Math, Finance and Accounting.
She knows what it takes to make her students happy. She firmly believes that education and tutoring are key factors to a person’s success.
“I don’t know how to travel light”

Zeina Sultani


Zeina graduated from American University of Paris with a degree in International Business and will be investing 15 years of experience in Business Development and Marketing in a field she is passionate about: Education.

Sibylle Nakad


Sibylle has a Finance Degree from Concordia University. She loves crunching numbers, analyzing boring data.
Don’t get it wrong! She can be fun and very creative. As our incubator, she never fails to come up with crazy ideas.
“I still believe in Santa Clause, fairy tales and magic”

Adam Ghani

Tech Lead

As Tech Lead, Adam manages a team of talented Android and iOS developers.
Loves to tutor CS subjects in his free time and is passionate about brainstorming for the next Synkers feature and make it happen!

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