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How To Apply


  1. 1. Download Synkers app
  2. 2. Select “I am a tutor” when you’re signing up
  3. 3. Upload your personal credentials and documents: National ID, university and or school grades, degree, CV and previous tutoring experience. You can add additional documents that further prove your qualifications for tutoring a specific course or subject
  4. 4. Record a 1-minute video about your educational background and experience
  5. 5. Select the courses you wish to teach, as well as your requested hourly rate
  6. 6. Complete your profile (add a professional picture, describe your qualifications and achievements in few words)
  7. 7. Fill your availability form and keep it up to date
  8. 8. Add your credit/debit card information to facilitate payment transactions

Synkers Tutor Eligibility Lebanon

If you wish to become a verified Synkers tutor, you need to be one of the below:

  • A sophomore student or higher at an accredited university, and have successfully completed the course for which tutoring services are being provided with a minimum grade of 85 over 100 (or its equivalent)
  • A graduate from an accredited university and have successfully completed the course for which tutoring services are being provided with a minimum grade of 85 over 100 (or its equivalent
  • A professional teacher or professor

How It Works

As soon as your profile gets verified and validated, your account becomes active. This means that students will be able to select you as a tutor, and your account will be ready to accept their booking requests.

Make sure to regularly update your available time slots, since our algorithms will take into account the hours you specified on your profile and consider you available to tutor during those hours.

Our Synkers app is free, and you will never be charged a service fee for using our platform as a tutor.

Synkers has its own secure, online payment system powered by VISA which students will use to pay for the sessions you tutor them.


And that’s it – build a solid CV and kickstart your tutoring career! Get a steady stream of students to tutor, seamlessly manage your bookings on the app, and enjoy hassle-free payments.
And that’s not all! At Synkers, we value our loyal tutors and invest in them. So the more you teach, the more rewards you get, including cash bonuses, tuition assistance, internship positions in top corporations, and more.

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