Summer Activities in Lebanon

Summer Homework (July and August)

Summer homework with Synkers tutors

No need to worry about getting your homework done! With Synkers private tutors you will enjoy your vacation while keeping up to date with summer homework! All our tutors are highly qualified and have been prescreened and background checked by Synkers HR Team.
The starting price is at 20$ per hour.

Applying to Top Universities

Apply to top universities with Synkers

Need guidance applying to university?

Whether you are applying in Lebanon, US, UK or Canada , Synkers got you covered! Counseling sessions on selecting majors and universities, understanding the application process, brainstorming sessions on writing essays and much more.

SAT Full Preparation Sessions

Synkers SAT tutors, prepare for your session

Want to ace your SAT and get into a top university?

Get ready for your exam this summer with a special expert coming all the way from The U.S. and certified SAT tutors.

Here’s what Tala said about the SAT Preparation sessions with Synkers: I’m truly lucky for attending the sessions. Both English & Math sessions were worthwhile. In addition, both trainers were encouraging & highly qualified. Thank you Synkers <3

Session dates: July 2nd – July 18th | August 20th – September 5th

Choosing a Major – Orientation Workshop for students

Choose your major with Synkers

Help Your Children Decide on Their Future!

Picking a major is one of the most important decisions your child will make.
Synkers is holding a workshop to help them make this decision!

The career guidance process usually consists of a total of three sessions.

The first session aims at getting to know the student. It lasts around 45 minutes, and explores the school course already carried out, preferred subjects, general interests of the student as well as his extra-curricular activities. During this meeting the counselor will also explain the philosophy behind the STRONG tool, expectations as well as the exact steps needed to complete the questionnaire in the most efficient way.
At the end of this meeting, the student receives his log ins by email so he is able to complete the questionnaire, as well as a supporting reference document to help with any ambiguous questions. The questionnaire will preferably be done in a quiet place with minimal interference and should not take more than 30-40 minutes to complete.

The second session is the interpretation session. During this session, we go over the report findings, explaining the different sections of the report and taking into account the student’s feedback. At the end of this exchange, students acquire a clearer and more precise vision of their interests, the professional values ​​and style that best suit their interests and personality, and consequently a list of majors and occupations to explore. This 2nd session is often accompanied by a small exercise of self-reflection and research for the student to complete at home. The second session lasts anywhere between 1h to 1.5 h.

During the third session they go over the research assignment that was given to the student with a deeper exploration of the findings. The counselor summarizes the findings and gives useful links for further research. By the end of this session, the student clearly has one or more directions for the academic path(s) to pursue.

Summer Coding Camp

Learn coding with top Synkers professionals

12-18 years old
Choose one course🤓: Game Development, Mobile Apps Development, Robotics, Wood Working, VR Applications Development, Creative Writing, Engineering & Construction
Sports: Parkour, Yoga, Running, Zumba, African Dancing, AcroYoga 🤸🏽‍♀
Startup Competition by MIT Enterprise Forum🎗
Career Guidance: “Lunch with a professional”
Company Visits
Dates: July 2nd – July 26th, 2018 (Mondays through Thursdays from 9am till 3pm)
Graduation Ceremony July 27, 2018🎓 in collaboration with MIT

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