Frequently asked questions

At Synkers, we provide private tutoring services for any school subject, including official and standardized tests such as the Lebanese official brevet and baccalaureate exams.


How do I apply to become a Synkers tutor?




Becoming a tutor on Synkers is an easy step-by-step process that ensures your qualifications and helps you get started as soon as possible.

1- Download Synkers app
2- Select “tutor” on the sign-up page.
3- Submit your national ID, university and/or school grades and your CV, so make sure to have them available before you start with your sign up process.
4- Add the courses that you’d like to teach
5- Complete your profile (availability, profile picture, write something about yourself etc…)
You will then receive a response after the Synkers team has evaluated your application. Once your application is approved, your profile will immediately become active and you will be visible to students looking for tutors in the subjects and courses you have selected to tutor and prove your qualifications in.
Previous tutoring experience is highly recommended, though not a prerequisite, before you sign up as a tutor.
What documents should I submit for my application?

As a Synkers tutor candidate, there is a list of mandatory documents we will request during your application process.
Your legal name, address, and phone number are the first step.

Next, we will need a copy of your national ID (both sides where applicable). Please note a student ID cannot replace your official national ID in the application process.
Next, if you are still a student or fresh graduate, you will need to upload your university transcripts, either as a screenshot from your university website, or an official transcript from your university’s registrar office. If you have considerable experience in tutoring, we will need your CV and any further proof of your relevant tutoring experience (letter of recommendation, official certificate or license, etc.)
Why should I join the Synkers tutor community?

Verified tutors on Synkers will have access to our community’s massive network of students via our app. Tutors can also manage their bookings, payments, and schedule at their fingertips. Our top performing tutors will also get a chance to become interns at leading local and regional firms in the industries they teach on our platform. Apart from that, our tutors get official letters of recommendation from Synkers, which will help them in applications to graduate school or career opportunities they wish to apply for in the future.

What should I include in my profile?


Your profile is what students will see, and accordingly select you as your tutor. It’s thus important to personalize your profile by selecting a professional profile picture as well as highlighting your key qualifications and academic backgrounds such as grades for the courses you are offering, previous experience and notable achievements.


How do I update my profile?


You can update your profile at any time, simply by clicking “Edit and View Profile”. To edit specific information, click the pen icon located on the top-right corner of each section. If you wish to change your profile picture, all you need to do is click the camera icon and upload a new image.

How do I get students?



Upon activation of your account, the courses you have selected and times you have made yourself available will be visible to students looking for a certain course at a certain date and time. If you’re still new, student reviews and ratings will still not appear on your profile. We will help you get your first students by recommending your profile on the app and promoting your profile to students that correspond with what you are offering. This way, your profile will garner more visibility when you start off, helping you kick-start your Synkers journey!
When a student selects you and books a session, you will receive a notification saying you have been “synked”.


Why was my profile not activated?

Synkers is committed to the highest possible quality when it comes to our tutoring services. This means that our unique vetting and validation process is thorough and somewhat demanding. The Synkers team takes many variables into consideration, and not all applications get final approval. If your application hasn’t been approved, the reason might be insufficient proof submitted in the documents you uploaded or your application doesn’t meet the eligibility requirements at the time you submitted it. If your application is incomplete, please make sure to complete it in order for us to finalize your application process.

Why should I enable push notifications?

Push notifications are the best way to remind you about your upcoming appointments as well as new messages from students who have booked sessions with you. Push notifications will also keep you updated on all Synkers special activities, exclusive promotions, and exciting new features.

Does Synkers offer group sessions?


Synkers allows students to turn your private tutoring session into a group one. Each tutor specifies on their profile page if he or she offers group session services. If you do, your students will be able to invite their friends to a group session you will give.  Group sessions are a great way to attract new students to your profile as well as earn additional income per session.

Where does a session take place?

Our students and tutors have full discretion when it comes to choosing the right venue for a tutoring session. Synkers recommends holding sessions in public spaces, such as libraries, cafes or on university campuses. Parents who request a home tutoring sessions should always ensure adult supervision for the duration of the session.

What if I can’t find a course listed on Synkers?

If you cannot find a course you would like to give on the Synkers platform, please hit the “request” button and let us know about it. Upon receiving your request, Synkers will add the course to our listings within the next 24 hours.

How do I get approval to tutor a subject?

If you wish to add a new course to your tutor profile, Synkers will need you to submit proof of your eligibility to tutor that course or subject. A transcript showing the grade you got on the course, an official certificate or other relevant official documents will ensure you get approved to teach the new course or subject you wish to add.

Is it possible to tutor online?

The students and tutors decide if the lesson should happen offline or online. For the time being, if the student chooses the online option, you can choose the video calling software or service of your choice. In the near future, Synkers will introduce our own online features and tools that students and tutors will be able to use for remote tutoring lessons, via the app at no additional cost.

How can I get more students?

The best way to ensure continued growth on Synkers is to stay active and updated. Making sure your profile is up-to-date and personalized, means more students will see your profile and book you as a tutor. Each hour booked will increase your “hours taught” metric, and the more your hours taught, the more trust a student will have in your profile while selecting a tutor, given that this particular tutor gets a high amount of bookings and return bookings. Therefore, we encourage you to invite students you have been tutoring outside the app to book you on the app so you can get your first rating. We also advise you start with a competitive hourly rate.

What happens if students book me outside the app?

Synkers urges all its tutors to make sure all bookings happen via our app and platform. This will help you build a solid profile, using your ratings and reviews to attract more and more students on a regular basis.

Also, as a Synkers tutor, you agree to only accept bookings from Synkers users via our app and refrain from exchanging contact information with your students and restrict your communication to the built-in chat client on the Synkers app. Students are informed of this rule, but we count on our tutors to remind them of it. Please do not allow your students to re-book you without using the app, as our algorithms will detect this bypassing and result in the immediate deactivation of your account.

Where does Synkers operate?

For the moment, Synkers provides in-person lessons in Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). If you wish to join Synkers at this time but do not reside in Lebanon or the UAE, you can only provide online tutoring sessions. We plan on expanding to new countries in the near future, so stay tuned!

Can I share my personal contact details with a student?


In order to ensure your protection under our Terms of Use, we highly encourage you to restrict communications with your students via our in-app chat feature. We ask our tutors to not share their personal contact information to ensure that both parties ensure their privacy.

Why should I refer a friend?

Referrals help Synkers ensure steady growth, which in turn means more students available for our tutors like you and your colleagues. This helps Synkers find suitable teachers for the thousands of students that use our app every week. Our referral rewards system will also ensure that you and the friend you referred get $10 each once they book their first session!

What is the referral program and how does it work?

Upon joining Synkers, either as a student or a tutor, each user gets a unique referral link. To find this link, go to your profile and select “Payment and Promo Code” and click “Give $10, Get $10”. You can then share the link provided to your potential students via email, chat clients or whichever platform you prefer. For each student who signs up and books their first session, you get $10 to your account, and they get $10 off in their first session.

Is there a minimum number of hours I need to commit?

As a Synkers tutor, you are your own boss and have the liberty to designate the number of hours you are available each week. You are also free to amend those available hours as you see fit, depending on how much time you have to spare and how many students you are able to attract. We urge you to regularly update your availability if it changes so that students don’t book a session that you might not be able to accommodate any more.

Can I cancel a session?
Synkers tutor may cancel a session if urgent or unforeseen circumstances arise. We highly urge you to cancel a session a minimum of 24 hours before you are scheduled to meet with your student. After you cancel a session, you will be asked to suggest an alternative time and date for the canceled session, which if the student approves, will be booked to make up for the canceled session. If a tutor cancels more than 5 sessions per semester, we will automatically deactivate his/her account.
How much will I be charged for using Synkers?


Synkers is completely free for our tutors to use. We do not charge our tutors any membership fees, nor do we take a slice out of their earnings.

How do I set my hourly rate?

Synkers leaves the decision concerning hourly rates completely up to each tutor. We do advise our tutors to keep their hourly rates at a reasonable price (we recommend $20 – $30), especially when starting off on our platform. Keep in mind that the hourly rate is an important factor students and parents consider, so to be more competitive, try to keep it within reasonable ranges. Eventually, once you rack up great ratings and reviews, as well as a lot of hours taught, you can increase that rate.

How does the payment system work?

Synkers has its own secure, online payment system powered by VISA CyberSource, which your students will use to pay for the sessions you tutor. As a verified Synkers tutor, you will automatically get a prepaid Visa card, free of charge, upon the completion of your first tutoring session paid online. Once your prepaid VISA card is ready, we will contact you to come and pick it up from our offices. Synkers will cover the fees for creating the card, however, if you lose your card, you will have to issue a new one and pay the card fees.

If your student selects to pay you in cash, please make sure you have the necessary funds in your debit card account before Friday of every week. If your student chooses to pay by card, we will automatically deposit the amount we owe you every Friday of every week.

What do I do if I forgot my password?


Simply punch in your email address at the sign in page on the app, and click “Forgot Password”. We will send you an email that will allow you to instantly reset your passport.

What do I do in case a student asks me to do his or her homework?

Doing someone else’s homework for them is considered as plagiarism and a dishonest practice that Synkers is vehemently against. Synkers understands that sometimes helping out a student with their school work can be a challenge and that doing it yourself might save you the trouble, but we trust you will never cross that line and instead help your students figure out how to do their homework themselves.