The Importance of Peer Tutoring

How awesome would it be to study with a peer, who previously took the same course as you & aced it? Now, with the rise of student-teacher assistant and peer tutors, you have to ask yourself about the effectiveness of peer tutoring. This involves more active learning as students share a more similar discourse, allowing better explanations and thus better understanding. So, how will the students & tutors benefit? Here’s how it’s helping the whole ecosystem:

Benefits to Students:

Students feel more comfortable and open when interacting with a peer. They concentrate better on the tasks of the lesson which leads to higher achievement. Once the students’ performance improve, their self-esteem is boosted and their attitude towards learning changes. Peer tutoring is needed as it enhances real education.

Benefits to Tutors:

Picture yourself as a sophomore not just earning knowledge, but educating your peers and making enough money. That’s an accomplishment! Besides, “Teaching is learning twice” & peer teachers boost their learning by instructing others and solidify their knowledge of a specific subject. By explaining concepts in details and answering questions, peer teachers develop their communication and leadership skills.

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