Dear Tutor,

We are happy to inform you that you no longer have to worry about managing the payments of your students or following-up with them to settle your dues. Synkers is launching its new online payment system and your student is now able to pay your fees easily and securely using our new payment platform provided by BLOM Bank. On top of that, you won’t have to worry about no shows! Our cancelation policy will also guarantee you receive a $10 fee in case the student doesn’t cancel the session at least 2 hours prior to its scheduled time. The online payment system will be ready to use as of April 17th.

What do you need to prepare?

Almost nothing! We will provide you with a BLOM prepaid Visa card (free of charge) and all you have to do is insert the details of the card on your profile. You will be able to pick up your card from a Synkers representative on campus. You will be informed 48 hours ahead of time. Stay tuned! In case you have an account at BLOM Bank and you prefer to use it, just send us your account details (IBAN).

How it works:

Upon booking the session, your student will be prompted to choose a payment option: Card or Cash.

By Card

If the student chooses to pay by card, we will debit his card upon completion of the session. At the end of each session, you will receive a confirmation email of the amount you just earned. The student who opts to pay by card will get $15 off his/her next session. This amount will be covered by Synkers. In case the student doesn’t cancel 2 hours prior to the session or doesn’t show-up, Synkers will charge the student a $15 penalty fee. This fee will be split between you and Synkers, $10 and $5 respectively. Every Friday morning, we will credit your BLOM Visa card (or BLOM bank account) with the full amount we owe you.

By Cash

If the student opts to pay in cash, he/she will hand you the money at the end of the session. Every Friday morning, we will debit your card with the amount you owe us. Please make sure you have the needed funds at the time we charge your card, otherwise, we will have to deactivate your account until you deposit the funds.


Great news! We won’t charge you any commissions. You will receive your hourly rate in full. We are offering a lot of value to our students so we are charging a 12% booking fee per transaction embedded in your hourly rate. Please note that starting April 17th, your hourly rate will automatically increase by 12%. For accounting purposes, all prices will be rounded up to the next decimal. For instance, if you charge $20, your rate will be shown to all students as $22 instead of $22.4. If your rate is $30, it will be shown as $34 instead of $33.6.

Frequently Asked Questions by Tutors

1) Can I re-adjust my price and decrease it by 12%?
You will earn the hourly rate you set. It is totally up to you to readjust your price accordingly.

2)What should I say to my student(s) if they ask to re-book me offline to avoid the booking fee?
Here are some possible answers:
– Synkers is a great tool for me to manage my schedule.
– The number of hours and rating are the most important metrics to get more students.
– According to Synkers rules and regulations, bypassing the platform would lead to the deactivation of my account.

The Synkers Team